San Francisco: 5 Great Cocktails Featuring Local Spirits

[Photographs: Wes Rowe]

From rooftop herb gardens to backyard beehives, San Francisco food culture is all about keeping things local. And why not? Our unparalleled produce, incredible beer scene, and proximity to wine country provide plenty reasons to make your meals all Bay-Area-sourced.

So it's no great surprise that the city's best bar programs have gotten on board, mixing up cocktails that showcase locally distilled spirits. While supporting local producers is part of the motivation, the high quality and unique flavor profiles of these spirits are reason enough for bartenders to seek them out, and make their presence known on drink menus.

From an Old Fashioned featuring locally made rye-based gin to a sweet and spicy tiki-inspired concoction made with San Francisco-aged bourbon, we were struck by how each spirit was given space to truly shine. With booze this good, sometimes simple drinks are best.

Check out five of our favorite cocktails spiked with Bay Area spirits in the slideshow above and tell us: what local spirits have you enjoyed lately?

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Our Picks:
Broken Maiden at Rich Table
Rye Gin Old Fashioned at Bar Agricole
Bret & Jemaine at Dosa
Noble Buck at The Corner Store
Modern Bond at Serpentine