Only One Beer For Life: What Would You Pick?


Say we lived in a universe (very different from this one, or else I'd be out of a job) where there was just one beer. That's it, just one. But in that universe, you get to pick which beer exists. One beer that you'd drink by the grill while you're waiting for your steaks to cook, the same beer you'd drink while out listening to a band, the same beer you'd drink after work with sushi and barbecue and pizza. You could go to a beer garden, but there'd just be one beer. You chose it, now you have to live with it.

What would you choose?

Over at Drinking in America, they've asked the question, and gathered their readers' answers for everyone to see. I'm wondering how all of you would respond...would you choose something nice and light for hot days? Or a deliciously bitter IPA? Would you go with your favorite local brewery or something in Germany or Belgium?

If you could have only one beer for a lifetime of drinking, what would you select? Tell us in the comments below.