We Try the Lucky Mint Coolatta at Dunkin' Donuts

Fast Food Drinks

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[Photograph: Craig Cavallo]

When it comes to sweet, minty, St. Patrick's Day-inspired fast food drinks, most folks channel their excitement toward the Shamrock Shake from McDonald's. But the new Lucky Mint Coolatta ($3 for a small, pictured) from Dunkin' Donuts gives that green drink a run for its money.

The sweet minty flavor in the Coolatta is similar to the Shamrock Shake, and they share an ambitious green, sci-fi glow. The biggest difference between the two beverages is texture. Dunkin's Mint Coolatta, which will be available throughout March, is made from a sweetened condensed skim milk-based syrup, milk, and ice. The ingredients are blended together, so the result is more slushie than shake. Bits of ice add crunch to every other sip and, as they melt, thin out the coolatta and make it less rich as you drink it. Before they do, though, they separate and float to the top, so a lot of stirring has to happen if you're looking for a consistent sip.

If you only allow yourself one sweet green drink a year (recommended), and you're looking for smooth and creamy, the Shamrock Shake is for you. But if it's an unseasonably warm March, or you prefer a lighter-than-milkshake option, the Lucky Mint Coolatta at Dunkin Donuts might hit the spot.