The 10 Best Beers We Tried at New York City Beer Week

[Photographs: Christopher Lehault]

With this past week's NYC Beer Week, the five boroughs have once again proved themselves a formidable voice on the American beer landscape. From strong ales to funky sours to impressive IPAs, the "style" of NYC beer is in its diversity.

While many thought that moving Beer Week from the fall to the winter months would discourage revelers, the craft beer community was out in full, and most of the major tasting events were sold out. Sorely missing from the week, however, was Shmaltz Brewing's flagship Freaktoberfest celebration (still held every year in the fall). Freaktoberfest's evening of beers, bands, and burlesque brought a much-needed party spirit to a week that is too often spent with the nose in a glass and a fork in the mouth. Of the events we attended, Brewer's Choice once again came out as most impressive, with many brewers bringing super-rare and special beers to taste.

While our heads are still a bit woozy from ten days of strong drinks and small plates, we've managed to pick out the most memorable beers (many of them new and rare) that we tried in a week full of standouts. Check 'em all out in the slideshow above.

What were your highlights from this year's beer week in NYC?