Fun Wine Videos: A Drink With Friends TV


The world of wine videos doesn't tend to be a barrel of laughs, but a few friends of Serious Eats are looking to change that—and help people learn about wine at the same time.

A Drink With Friends is a wine video series from our own Adventures with Weird Wine Grapes writer, Stevie Stacionis, and her husband, Josiah Baldivino. Stevie is a certified sommelier who spent seven years working in restaurants before launching her career as a writer. (She's also worked in a few top wine retail shops and runs communications for Corkbuzz wine studio in New York.) Josiah, who holds the advanced sommelier certification through the Court of Master Sommeliers, worked as a sommelier for the Daniel Boulud group of restaurants in New York before heading to San Francisco to manage the wine program for Michael Mina restaurant. These two are super-qualified to talk about wine, but most importantly: they're fun.

"Honestly we're both just very silly, creative people, and we wanted to put our energy and our love of wine toward a fun project we could work on together," says Stevie. "The point is that we love wine but don't take it (or ourselves) so damn seriously."

In the videos, you'll learn about everything from how to choose ageworthy wines to how to pick bottles for a party—but this series is not a lecture from on high. In each episode, Josiah and Stevie do a bit of a knowledge exchange—learning how to do something from their visiting guest (whether that's filleting a fish, designing a custom-fabric wine tote, or learning to dress in drag) before sharing a related wine lesson.

"In real life, when you're drinking with someone (at a bar, a party, a picnic, etc.), you'd never pull out your glass, swirl it around and dictate to other people what you're tasting or what they are supposed to learn," explains Stevie. "Drinking—or anytime you 'grab a drink with friends,'—is never about that sort of top-down 'teaching.' So why should a wine video be like that?"

You can check out Stevie and Josiah's latest video below, and take a peek at the whole series over at A Drink With Friends TV. After you watch, can also read more about the wines featured in each episode here.

[Video: A Drink With Friends TV]

What's coming up next on A Drink With Friends? Stevie says: "Welllllll...My mother doesn't know this yet, but I get a tattoo. Josiah learns how to give me a tattoo. It turns out great—he's actually really good at it! But don't tell my mom until the episode is out!"

Stevie's mom, you're not reading this, are you?