Ask a Barista: How Do You Beat Overcaffeination?

Caffeine overdose is more than just an unpleasant skin-crawling sensation that strikes after a few too many espressos—it's also an occupational hazard for baristas everywhere.

If left untreated, bad cases can lead to shaky hands, sweaty palms, double vision, and a profoundly unhappy-making cause of stomach upset. (Just ask me about the afternoon in Rome I spent curled up in a ball, moaning and bemoaning all that fine Italian robusta I'd just overdone it on.)

When overcaffeination strikes—it can at any time, and no coffee drinker is safe—who better to turn to for advice than the pros? We ask 13 lucky baristas their tried-and-true methods to slow their heart rates after a particularly grueling, if stimulating, shift. Here's what they had to say.