Where to Take a Date for Cocktails in Portland, OR

[Photographs: Miranda Rake]

Even the most diehard, rain-worshiping Oregonians tend to exhibit signs of SAD this time of year. The endless grey skies and relentless drizzle that felt so cozy back in December are getting to us. We've watched everything worth watching (and then some) on Netflix and home is feeling less and less like a cozy hideaway and more and more like an extremely comfortable holding cell. It's time to ask someone out—chances are they need an excuse to get out of the house, too, and won't turn you down.

Portland's an excellent town for cocktails, and these 5 picks for romantic drinks are all conveniently located near at least one great restaurant. If all goes well, you and your date can move the party from the bar to the dinner table. (If all doesn't go so well, hey, at least you had a great drink in a nice bar.)

If you're looking for a lively hotspot, head straight for Ava Gene's for the latest spin on Italian-inspired drinks. Want something more casual and mellow? Interurban on Mississippi is laid-back and neighborhood-y and the cocktails are classic. For a most clandestine rendezvous, navigate your way to the dark and sexy Secret Society. Check out the slideshow for all of our recommendations—including what to drink at each bar. If all it takes to impress your date is a super-delicious cocktail, you've got this one in the bag.

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About the Author: Miranda Rake is a writer and editor living in the land of milk and honey, known to most as Portland, OR. She has a particular weakness for cheese, potato chips and Champagne. You can follow her on Twitter @mirandarake.