Add Bitters To Your Soda! 12 Combos We Love

[Photographs: Renata Yagolnitzer]

One of our favorite beverages around the Serious Eats office is bitters and soda. We've got a good dozen types of bitters in the Serious Eats liquor shelves—cranberry! Peychaud's! black walnut!—and just a few dashes can turn plain ol' soda water into something much more exciting.

One day, I wandered into the office with a bottle of Coke Zero and saw Max splashing plum bitters into soda water, when it hit me: bitters and soda! Like soda-soda, pop-soda, not soda water. Why have diet Coke when I could have diet rhubarb coke? Why cream soda when it's so easy to make creamsicle-soda?

We knew there were so many more combinations we could come up with, so here for you: twelve ways to pair bitters and soda.

Any more ideas? What other flavor combinations should we try?