5 Best Happy Hours in Nolita, NYC

In my work neighborhood, I need to immediately establish three things: 1. where to get a moderately filling lunch for under $6; 2. where to get a great cup of coffee; 3. where to go for happy hour. When it's 6:30 p.m. and you're itching to leave the office, a nearby spot with drink deals is a godsend.

Luckily, Serious Eats World Headquarters is nicely located. For cheap lunches, south to Chinatown; for good happy hours, north to Nolita.*

* Gripe: I can't stand New York neighborhood names that emerge when we have other, perfectly good names already. Can't Soho encompass south of Houston on the west side, and the Lower East Side the east? And why on earth do we need NoHo when we have East and West Villages? I don't like Nolita, but I'm coming to accept its permanence. NoHo, on the other hand, no thank you.

The thing is, plenty of happy hours end at 6 p.m. (even on my laziest days, I can't do a happy hour justice by 6 p.m.), or barely offer a discount (50 cents off my Sixpoint? Er, thanks), or are otherwise unsatisfying. And the truly good bars, of course, rarely if ever offer discounts. But here for you: 5 great happy hours in Nolita that really are worth your money and drinkin' time. For 2-for-1 craft cocktails, free bar snacks, and a great café with cheap wine, check out the slideshow. Drink up!

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