Where to Take a Date for Drinks in San Francisco

[Photographs: Wes Rowe]

Deciding where to take that special someone (or potential special someone) on a date can be difficult in a city with as diverse a dining and drinking scene as San Francisco. But we want to make it easy for you: start with drinks. You can hit up dinner (at one of these SE-recommended spots, perhaps?) on a second date if everything goes well.

SFist recently published a list of good local bars for dates, but as a pretty-frequent dater, I consider myself an expert, and decided to craft a list of my own: 5 favorite spots, each offering something different to get you in the mood. I narrowed it down to bars with good ambiance and/or wonderful views, excellent beer, wine, or cocktail selections, and proximity to good pre- or post-drink date activities. Check out my picks in the slideshow above.

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Of course, this list is just a start. Where do you like to take a date for drinks in San Francisco?

About the Author: Wes Rowe has been drinking in San Francisco for over 12 years (though only legally for 8.) You can find his photography at wesrowe.com.