Drink Your Beets: How to Make Rouge Tomate's Red Tornado


[Photographs: Linda Xiao]

If you're not so big on beets, chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised by the Red Tornado served at New York's Rouge Tomate. And if you are into them, consider this satisfying red juice your new favorite detoxifier.

The sweet root vegetable, pomegranate, and clementine are this juice's power trio. To begin, head bartender Cristian Molina juices the washed, peeled beets raw, a small effort compared to the pomegranates. "It's more challenging to make pomegranate juice, because you have to clean all the seeds, blend and strain them, but the end result is nothing like you buy in a bottle," says Molina. "When they're in season, the seeds often fall out with the tap of a spoon. If they're really hard to get out, it's probably not going to taste that good."


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Molina adds a bit of lime juice to the blend of beet, pomegranate, and clementine to balance the fruity sweetness with a touch of tart. When beets are at their sweetest, he skips the agave otherwise used to sweeten the drink. The drink is crowned with a velvety head of pomegranate foam layered on with a soda siphon.

With a deep ruby hue signaling the rich, naturally sweet flavors inside, the Red Tornado will make even the most wind-chapped drinker take pause from cursing the cold and toast winter's produce.

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