Where to Drink in the West Village: 10 Great Cocktails

While the East Village may be the more expected destination for a cocktail-lover's night out—it's got everything from classics PDT and Death + Co. to newcomers like Booker and Dax—the West Village has its fair share of great drinks, too.

You might find fewer straight-up cocktail bars, but these days we're seeing good bar programs in all sorts of places: at restaurants, at Scotch bars and wine bars and pubs. When I lived on Waverly Place a few years back, I'd find myself heading to Brooklyn or to the East Village for a night out; but these days, you'll find me in the West Village a few times a week. (Its concentration of awesome restaurants doesn't hurt, either.)

Here are 10 great drinks in the West Village I've had recently; consider it your next bar crawl in the making.

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