Ask a Barista: What Drink Do You Love Making?

Despite the cliche of the too-cool barista, most dedicated coffee pros really do love making your coffee drinks. Even more, they love making the coffees that you love drinking. Like most dedicated service professionals, nothing makes a barista's day like someone walking back up to the counter after draining the last sip of a cappuccino and saying, "That was the best coffee I've ever had."

I remember the first time it ever happened to me: it was a caffè mocha, and although through the miracle of hindsight I can tell you it actually wasn't a very good one, I sure was trying. After hearing the compliment a few times since during my dozen-plus years in an apron, I can tell you it never gets old. (Just like the smell of coffee somehow never gets old; it's just as intoxicating now as ever.)

We asked seven top baristas which orders in particular make their hearts go pitter-pat. (Or is that the caffeine?) Check out their favorite coffee-tasks in the slideshow above.