Ask a Barista: What Drink Do You Hate Making?

We've all heard bartenders complain about the frustration that muddling a ton of mint for mojito after mojito can cause. What, then, is the mojito of the coffee world?

For the most part, baristas love to make coffees of all types—that's why they're baristas, after all. (It might surprise you to learn we're not in this for the big bucks.) Naturally, however, everybody in the service industry has that one flow-stopping order, the one that knocks you out of the zone and can gum up the works behind any bar.

Personally, my kryptonite has always been anything that required the use of an extra piece of equipment: A blender for frozen drinks, or a whipped-cream canister. (Inevitably the whipped cream splurts out empty in the middle of a four-hot-chocolate order during rush hour. First World Problems, sure, but who wants to run out of whipped cream?!)

We asked seven top baristas to tell us the biggest rhythm-busters they face behind the espresso bar. Check out their answers in the slideshow above.