Ring in the New Year with 5 Punch Recipes from Austin, Texas

[Photographs: Melody Fury]

Mixing punch is a fun and festive way to serve up cocktails without the fuss, especially for New Year's Eve. Punches are intended to encourage socializing—break out the big bowl and the ladle, hand everyone a glass, and the party has officially started. There's no last-minute stress because they're intended to be made in big batches in advance, then topped up with sparkling wine (if the recipe calls for it) when the guests arrive.

We polled a few of our favorite Austin-area bartenders for punch recipes, and the results are festive, bright, and easy-drinking. Your guests will enjoy tasting something a little different—we have one spicy option made with sake, and another wintery combination flavored with fennel and apples. Check out the slideshow above for 5 punch recipes from Austin and stir them up for a fun toast to 2013.