We Try The New Flavors of Red Bull


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Starting this March, Red Bull will no longer just come in its original flavor, but will also come in cranberry, lime, and blueberry. The new roll out, which they're calling The Red Edition, The Blue Edition, and the Silver Edition, does nothing to answer the original question—what is regular Red Bull flavor? We may never know, and we probably don't want to.

We'll try pretty much anything here at SEHQ, so naturally we were down to crack open a few cans of the new flavors.

The cranberry version exceeded expectations. Sure, it packed that gross metallic aftertaste of all energy drinks, but up front it was just like oversweetened, watered-down cranberry juice with a hint of carbonation. And it was red! Which is the color of cranberries. The senses are all aligned on this one.

The blueberry, unfortunately, was a poor follow up. The metallic taurine taste popped up right away, followed by a hit of children's grape Tylenol. Also, it was purple, which may be accurate, but seemed a little scary to drink.

The verdict? If I were still in college, I would buy cranberry Red Bull ALL THE TIME. Since I'm not, I will avoid this forever, although I may be tempted to try the lime flavor just once if I see it around.

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