Coffee Drinks: Australian Iced Coffee


What a way to wake up: Australian iced coffee. [Photograph: Leonard John Matthews on Flickr]

It's nearing the time of year when every answer on is "No," but that's just in the Northern Hemisphere: It's coming on summertime Down Under, where they're known to sip on their own delicious spin on iced coffee.

For the most part, our antipodean friends don't suffer drip coffee; espresso is the caffeine delivery system of choice across the continent. But for the typically otherwise espresso purist Australians, iced coffee is more confection than anything else. Fresh or chilled espresso is topped with heaps of ice and vanilla ice cream (and maybe a dash of milk), stirred up, and often capped off with a mountain of whipped cream.

Kind of in the affogato family, but supersize. [Insert Fosters joke here.]

Another espresso exception is made for hugely popular prepackaged iced-coffee drinks like Farmers Union Iced Coffee, which is more like coffee-flavored milk. But hey: It's summertime somewhere, and you'll hear no judgments from me about it.

Easily reproduced at home (and often called "cold coffee" when done so), this grown-up coffee milkshake might even make its way into your wintery coffee habits. When better to have ice cream with breakfast than during hibernation-and-bulky-clothing season?