Ask a Barista: How Do You Make Coffee at Home?

Editor's note: Welcome to our new occasional series, where we ask baristas for coffee-making advice and more.

Baristas spend six to eight hours a day propped in front of behemoth commercial coffee machines, cranking out top-notch drinks for the masses. The best among them put as much care and craft into each shot, pour-over, and cappuccino as a master bartender does in her hand-crafted cocktails.

So how do they take their morning cup when they have to make it for themselves?

Me, I was a long time French presser, until I cracked the darn thing. Lately (when I'm not cheating on coffee with tea—shhh, don't tell), I've been experimenting with different Kalita tools including the disposable One-Touch Dripper.

We asked eight ace coffee-slingers how they brew the things they brew, off the clock. Check out their answers in the slideshow above.