How to Make the Gypsy Woman from 1534 in NYC


[Photographs: Allan Zepeda]

All through the caravan She was dancing with all the men Waiting for the rising sun Everyone was having fun... She was a gypsy woman —Santana

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This winter, drink away the chill factor with the Gypsy Woman. This breezy nomad channels springtime by way of jasmine green tea-infused gin with fresh lime juice, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and yellow Chartreuse. With a distinctly floral spice, this cocktail from Manhattan's 1534 is easy going down, but not so easy to pin down.

Oftentimes St. Germain—delicious as it may be—highjacks a cocktail; here, it melds with yellow Chartruese to make a soft, sweet backdrop to the dry, house-infused gin. Head bartender Justin Noel zeroed in on jasmine to create a sunny drink "reminiscent of afternoon tea."


The base spirit is Spring 44, which is a bold but not crazy-spicy gin. "Anyone can make a tea infusion in just a few hours," notes 1534 bartender James Lombardino. The jasmine tea, says Noel, offers "a brighter flavor than you get with a black tea," and flavors that will remind you of spring flowers in bloom.

After double straining to keep sneaky ice chips away, Lombardino garnishes the Gypsy Woman with a lemon peel, first rubbing the peel on the glass's rim and spraying its essential oils on top with a quick twist. It's this bright citrus that jumps out first, the floral caravan dancing close behind.

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