3 Easy Brunch Drinks for November Entertaining

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[Photographs: Sydney Oland]

November is the beginning of the holiday season; the beginning of the whirlwind that starts with Thanksgiving and ends with a New Year's day hangover. Before everyone scatters, it's time gather some good friends and invite them over for an easy late-morning brunch. There are any number of recipes on Serious Eats to help you feed them all, but I also wanted to make sure you have help getting cocktails in everyone's hands. Here are 3 November-appropriate brunch drinks that are scaled to make it easy to serve a crowd.

Hot Buttered Chai


Cooler weather is a great excuse for warmer drinks. As with any variation on hot buttered rum, this drink is all about execution. But don't worry, it's easy. All you need to do is mix up some butter with brown sugar, which will make sure each mug is full of buttery flavor without the dreaded oil slick on top. A bit of fresh ginger adds spice to the mixture of brandy and steaming chai tea. It's totally breakfast-appropriate, right?

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Port Cobbler


This variation on the classic winter cocktail uses vanilla syrup to add some depth to a mixture of ruby port, triple sec, and club soda. The fun part of making a cobbler is dressing up your drink like a Thanksgiving cornucopia: garnish with some soft sweet figs to play of the hint of vanilla, throw a few sprigs of thyme in the glass to add an herbal aroma, and top off with blackberries for a tart punch. If you can find them, a few ground cherries can also make a fun addition to the mix, just split open the husk and hang them off the side of the glass.

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Cranberry Bubbler


Adding a pinch of salt brings out the flavor in your food—but have you ever tried it in a drink? A little salt solution helps make this tart and sweet fresh grapefruit and cranberry cocktail extra-tasty. Think of it as a November-appropriate spin on the classic Salty Dog.

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