Our 18 Favorite Hangover Helpers

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.

We've talked about the ideal hangover-soothing recipes for curing a headache at home, but let's be honest. If you really overdid it last night, the answer is to have someone else make breakfast/brunch/lunch. We've been seeking out the best options all around the country since the launch of SE Drinks in February 2011. We've eaten creamed chipped beef and giant bowls of grits, steaming cauldrons of pho, and plates piled with mac-and-cheese pancakes. Here are our favorites: the 18 most delicious dishes we've eaten in our hunt for a hangover's end.

Of course, we plan on continuing our research—and there are cities we haven't even hit yet—so tell us: what's the best hangover helper in your town? Where do you go for comfort food when you're recovering from a night of a few too many?