Latte Art We Love

Who's drinking whom? [Photograph: Flickr user dryhead]

"Serious" coffee people don't always go in for all that latte-art stuff, but every once in a while you stumble across an example just too good not to swoon over. From graceful free-poured rosettas to painstakingly etched portraits, here's a slideshow of some stunners I've been drooling over lately.

Latte art is tricky to learn at first, though beginner baristas can start to conquer hearts and flowers within a few months. Gems like these, however, aren't the work of any amateur latte artists: It can take years—years!—to master the craft and start churning out breath-takers. "Too pretty to drink" doesn't seem to do some of them examples.

Need more of a fix? Check out this collection by Flickr user nodie26, or follow latte whiz and Handsome Coffee Roasters barista Christopher "Nicely" Alameda on Instagram. (His handle is nicely85.)

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