We Try Burgerville's Pumpkin Milkshake

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[Image courtesy Burgerville.com; all other photographs by Adam Lindsley]

As we leave the dog days of summer behind us and greet the chill of autumn as it creeps steadily forward, so must we bid farewell to Burgerville's seasonal summer shakes and embrace the Pacific Northwest chain's ode to gourd-centric desserts with its Pumpkin Milkshake. Available only in October and November, the pumpkin shake is a huge hit during its brief window of availability, a time of year when consumers can't seem to get enough pumpkin spice in their drinks and sweets.


Burgerville sources their pumpkins from Stahlbush Island Farms in Corvallis, Oregon, located 80 miles south of Portland. Because pureed pumpkin reaches a much smoother consistency than, say, blackberries or raspberries, this is Burgerville's easiest-drinking seasonal shake yet; no straws plugged with fruit to worry about. It's pureed so finely, in fact, that there are barely any physical signs of pumpkin at all beyond the occasional tiny fleck of orange.

In terms of replicating pumpkin pie, the pumpkin milkshake hits its target dead center. Imagine creamy pumpkin pie filling pureed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you've pretty much envisioned the actual shake. It is so much like a colder, liquified version of pumpkin pie that it's actually somewhat difficult to drink the entire thing in one sitting. Pumpkin pie is a rich enough dessert that most people are fine with a single slice—which typically comes in around 5 to 6 ounces—but the regular size of Burgerville's pumpkin milkshake is twice that. Best to split it with a good friend.


For lovers of milkshakes and pumpkin + spice, Burgerville's fall seasonal shake is an easy recommendation. As a quaffable replacement for a couple slices of pumpkin pie, there are few contenders that pull it off quite as well.


1122 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214 (map) 503-230-0479; more locations listed at burgerville.com