We Try Jamba Juice's New Light and Soy Pumpkin Smoothies


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

There's nothing like autumn to make food and drink chains whip out the specialty flavors, and no flavor is more present than pumpkin. While pumpkin coffee drinks kind of gross me out, sipping something warm and spicy as the weather gets colder does have a certain seasonal appeal. But slurping a refreshing pumpkin smoothie? Jamba Juice thinks you should, for they are rolling out their Pumpkin Smash smoothie for fall. The drink will be around til January, so if you're interested, you have some time.

We've tried the regular version before but now there are two new incarnations: a soy version and a 'light' offering made with skim milk and Splenda.

The Light drink was very pumpkin-y in flavor—we were pretty impressed, especially since it lacked any gummy squashy texture. This stuff tasted like the real deal, and there was a healthy hint of cinnamon as well. Unfortunately, it was far too sweet thanks to perhaps a little too much Splenda. The idea of drinking a whole 16 ounces of this thing did not fill me will holiday cheer.

The soy, strangely enough, didn't seem as full of pumpkin flavor—it was much blander, as if the soy milk was covering up anything else. Even the spices seemed dulled and nearly absent, and the drink was really, really sweet. I cannot imagine anyone drinking even half a serving worth.

Are you really, really into pumpkin? Have you tried these smoothies? What's your opinion?