In Fun Drink Ideas: 'The Negronifico'


[Photos: Max Falkowitz]

Hanging out at Empellón Cocina a few weeks ago, bar manager Mat Resler shared what I thought sounded like one of the most unlikely drinks I've ever heard: "The Negronifico." Translation? A Pacifico dumped in a Negroni.

Er... all right. What inspired this somewhat unlikely-sounding concoction? "Well, I was drinking a Negroni... and also a Pacifico... and then I had to leave the bar and I was half-done with my Negroni, so I dumped the rest of the Pacifico into the glass and drank it."

(I mean, I'd imagine plenty of drink ideas come from bartenders who've already had a few.)


I can't say this sounded particularly appealing to me. But I tried one, at Resler's insistence, and yeah, it won me over.

It still essentially tastes like a Negroni, but with lift and fizz and a slight maltiness. So there's a little bit of a Campari-soda effect. And as Resler pointed out, between the discernible beer-iness, and the Negroni's dual sweet-bitter nature, it's almost like a double IPA: sweet, malty, bitter, boozy, with something herbal poking through with the gin. It's weird, it's unexpected, and it's really fun. "It's like a Negroni you can chug," mused Kenji when I made one up in the office. And that's about right.


With beer cocktails becoming more and more popular, I've tried a few unlikely-sounding drinks that I ended up liking quite a lot, but I have to admit that 'The Negronifico' worked much, much better than I expected it to.

Anyone else made a drink discovery lately?