Where Bartenders Drink in Washington, D.C.

[Photographs: Brian Oh except where noted]

Most folks have a favorite watering hole for any given occasion. A favorite neighborhood bar to kick off the weekend. A favorite cocktail spot for a first date. And in a city where the question of where to go for happy hour is as commonplace as that of which federal agency you work for, you'll want to have a few quality bars at the ready (just make sure it's not one of these).

If you're new to the city or just tend to draw a blank come 5 p.m., you're in luck. We've asked 6 of our favorite bartenders in the District for their favorite bars in 3 categories: dive bars, cocktails bars, and bars to go for beer and wine. Click through to the slideshow to find out where D.C.'s bartenders go to quench their thirst.

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