The 5 Best Things I Drank in Japan

[Photographs: Brian Oh]



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During my recent visit to Japan, watching my food and drinks being prepared was just as much a pleasure as actually tasting them. People often talk about how the pursuit of perfection is ingrained in Japanese culture and I found this to be very true. Even the most seemingly mundane activities like pouring tea are afforded a meticulous attention to detail. I was fascinated to find this reverence for method and craft embodied in the drinks I had in Tokyo.

This list doesn't include sake, green tea, or anything else you might characterize as being distinctly Japanese, but the cocktails, coffee, and even beer I had exhibited the laser-like precision that made them undeniably Japanese. It was mesmerizing to watch how each ingredient and step was so thoughtfully chosen and executed. Check out the slideshow above for more on the best drinks I had in Japan.