Hangover Helper: Veggie Enchiladas from Chuy's in Austin, TX

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.


[Photograph: Leah Douglas]

On a dehydrated, electrolyte-suppressed morning, the late-summer sun in Austin somehow feels even hotter. When I finally dragged myself into an outpost of the popular chain Chuy's, the chips and salsa on my table evoked rumbles from my empty stomach. Along with two big glasses of water, I devoured the chips as well as a small dish of their tasty, vegetable-specked queso.

The Veggie Enchiladas ($10) come with rice and refried beans, making for a heaping plate of food. The enchiladas are wrapped in house-made blue corn tortillas, which had a nice chewy texture, and are topped with a combination of melty cheese and plenty of ranchero sauce. My favorite part of the dish was the mass of vegetables inside the tortillas—a combination of squash, onions, peppers, chiles, and corn. The vegetables were clearly fresh, and I told myself that their healthiness justified the amount of cheese I was consuming. I couldn't finish the whole plate, but not for lack of trying.

Multiple locations, chuys.com

About the Author: A student in Providence, Rhode Island, Leah Douglas loves learning about, talking about, reading about, and consuming food. Her work has also been featured in Rhode Island Monthly Magazine.