New Beer: Odell Deconstruction Golden Ale

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[Photo: Maggie Hoffman]



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In their tap room on August 25th, Odell Brewing Company in Fort Collins, CO will release their fourth Single Serve release this year, Deconstruction Golden Ale. Named for Derrida's theory of deconstruction, the beer was created by blending the final recipe brew with smaller pilot batches of the beer that were brewed with different yeasts and aged in various barrels.

We got the scoop from Odell's Eli Kolodny:

The first 5 barrel pilot batch was brewed in February and was barrel aged in wine barrels exclusively. We then brewed a pilot yeast prop (a mixture of our house ale yeast, wild yeast, and lacto) in March of our Deconstruction "cocktail" to add to the first main production batch. That entire batch was barrel aged in various oak barrels. Some were red wine, some specifically Zin, and some older Woodcut barrels. After that another production batch was brewed in June with our house yeast. The barrel components were tasted, and all those that met the flavor profile we were aiming for were combined with the second batch prior to bottling. That's the long and the short of it.

We snagged a preview sample and gave it a taste. It's a rich, spicy brew for fall, with fine and lively carbonation, that balances buttery and caramelized malt notes and a touch of nuttiness with a delicate lactic tang. Deconstruction is a big, mouthfilling beer at 10.5% ABV, perfect for cooler autumn days, and more interesting than your standard marzen or pumpkin beers. (Though we might recommend aging it a little to let the alcohol integrate a bit with the rest of the beer.) Serve it with nuts, crumbly aged cheeses, blue cheese, and prosciutto, or with barbecue (go for pork ribs and burnt ends.) We'd be curious to try the last sips of this luscious beer with a slice of pecan pie.