Gorilla Coffee's New Portable Cold Brew


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

The latest in cold brew coffee technology? Gorilla's tetra packs. They're kind of like the juice boxes of cold brew. The red 11-ouncers have a resealable screwcap and can be poured over ice with milk or sugar, or just chugged straight from the box. Since it's not a concentrate, they don't need to be diluted.

The pure black coffee starts with a course grind of Rwandan and Brazilian beans brewed with cold water in massive stainless steel tanks for 18 hours. Smooth, dark, and toasty, it has none of that acidity or bitterness you get from hot coffee trying to be cold coffee. There's a lot of dark cocoa richness and an oily tonguefeel.

Flip over the box and you might be surprised to find 30 calories listed. But it's just coffee and water...? Cold brewing tends to collect a high proportion of the bean's nutrients, which means some natural coffee oils, soluble carbohydrates, calories, and protein. Each box contains two servings, but let's be real—if your caffeine addiction is anything like mine, you'll drink the whole thing in one go.

No need to refrigerate the hermetically sealed boxes. This is the first shelf-stable black coffee that doesn't contain any milk, sugar, or preservatives. It has a shelf-life of a whole year! Available at Whole Foods, Union Market, and the Gorilla Coffee flagship store in Brooklyn, each box runs about $4 or you can order a case of 12 for $44 online.