Where to Drink Cocktails Outdoors in NYC

[Photographs: Chris Lehault]

The dog days of summer are winding down and back-to-school sales are popping up. And while it seems that every retailer in the city is trying to get you into a new fall sweater, we think that this is the perfect time for a round cocktails outdoors. Cocktails can be quite strong and complex and most are not meant to be knocked back in the 90º heat with sweat dripping from your brow. Now is the perfect moment to start with a classic Pimm's Cup and slowly work your way to that Manhattan you sent packing last June.

New York is littered with rooftop bars, sidewalk cafés, and microscopic backyards all vying for your drinking dollar during the summer months. But few can actually mix up a proper cocktail and even fewer can do so without the encroachment of the neighbor's hanging laundry. So we took to the streets, sipped and savored our way through the competition, to bring you our five favorite outdoor cocktail spots in New York.

Click through the slideshow to see our picks for the best spots to drink cocktails outside in NYC. Got more recommendations? Let us in on your secrets in the comments section.

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