5 Milkshakes We Love in Washington, D.C.

[Photographs: Brian Oh]

A milkshake is the kind of dessert that is so simple, yet so diverse in both variety and quality. With just 2 primary constituent ingredients, milk (duh) and ice cream, there are so many ways to embellish a milkshake...and so many ways to screw it up.

An excellent milkshake should taste like fresh, high-quality dairy with a good balance of milk and ice cream. Too thick and it's just soggy ice cream, too thin and it's soupy milk. Too much syrup and you've got an overly sweet ticket to naptime. But a good shake will help you forget you're sucking down a glass full of 1,000 calories, and our nation's capital has quite a few winners. Here are 5 of our favorite milkshakes in Washington, D.C.

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