San Francisco: 5 Great Sips from La Cocina's Street Food Festival

[Photographs: Wes Rowe]

We did a whole lot of eating at La Cocina's San Francisco Street Food Festival last weekend, and you know where that left us? Thirsty. Very thirsty. Fortunately, a majority of the vendors present had a drink in addition to their food items.

There was a beer garden and bar area, but we were so taken with a number of the non-alcoholic options that we found ourselves forgoing both of these entirely (unless you count our late-afternoon field trip to Zeitgeist for pitchers in the sun—it's outside the event, so I don't). There was a wide array of agua frescas available in varying flavors, but housemade sodas, lassis, and shrubs, as well. It was a great example of how seasonality and creativity are sometimes even better showcased in more sippable offerings.

Check the 5 best drinks we tried (all $3) in the slideshow above!