6 International Sodas We Need To Try


Last week, we chatted about our favorite international sodas. Weird Fanta flavors, Irn Bru, and various ginger beers I've heard of... but some of these other ones? Sound totally crazy. Here are a few I want to try. What's on your must-try list?

Milkis - it's a carbonated beverage that is fairly popular in South Korea. Basically, it's soda and milk, and the result is something akin to cream soda. I used to find different flavors in the markets in the States (like strawberry and orange), but my favorite and the only one I've really found in Korea is the classic (original). It's label refers to it as being a "new feeling of soda beverage" ... how could you NOT love that???!marciejo

Fiora vanti from Ecuador (fresa flavor). misterhee

Has anyone else had that watermelon soda at the World of Coke... I wish I could find that somewhere. I believe it's called Smart Watermelon and it's from China.thenbagis

Japanese Grape Fanta (purple and white), Peach Fanta, and Kirin juice drinks (grape, orange, apple, etc). beth1

I was obsessed with Fanta Passion, a passion-fruit flavored version sold in east Africa. Still the best soda I've ever had. shady lane

Korean lychee soda, I can't tell you the name because there's no english on the can but it comes in neat mini cans, which is good because it's super sweet. kamlin898