Sweetpress, the New Organic Juice Line from Sweetgreen in D.C.


Sweetgreen started with salads and frozen yogurt back in 2007, but now the DC-based mini chain has entered the cold-press juice scene. There's actually not much of a scene that yet exists in D.C.—not like New York or Los Angeles—but the Logan Circle nayb is exactly where you'd expect it to be found. On the same P Street block as Lululemon and Whole Foods, this is the only Sweetgreen location (of the 10 in the area) currently selling the juice.

The cold-press juicing process involves gently pulverizing all organic fruits and veggies with a slow-spinning blade so there's no heat involved. The pulp is then compressed with two tons of pressure to squeeze all the juice out, removing any fiber or pulpy bits so the end result is smooth and easier to chug down.


"Juice that doesn't judge" is the Sweetpress tagline. Meaning, if you had a few too many drinks (and/or Jumbo Slices) last night and your body now hates you, you can be nice to it with these juices. There are currently six flavors available ($6-7): Purify, Detox, Energize, Hydrate, Satisfy, and a rotating Seasonal juice (currently watermelon).

What does Energize taste like? Thankfully, not like RedBull. The blend of carrot, orange, and grapefruit juices get a spicy kick from fresh ginger and cayenne. At first you're expecting a sweet carroty-orange juice but then it surprises you with its heat. Take a few more sips and you start to understand it more, like it more.

Both Hydrate and the current Seasonal juices are made with a coconut water base, which lends a mild sweetness. Hydrate smells like sliced cucumbers when you go in for a sip, then it's very pineapple-forward with some pear juiciness and a spritz of lime for acidity. It's probably purpose-defeating to spike this one with Hendrick's gin, but that's what we ended up doing on a Thursday afternoon tasting... (gin + juice success)

Beet haters, the Satisfy won't satisfy you. But beet lovers, you'll appreciate the strength of beety-ness. In fact, it's a little tough to detect much of the other ingredients under all that lip-staining beet juice. It's like drinking a beet salad with a squeeze of lemon, some apple slices and parsley flecks in there.

Soon, they'll be delivering the juices but for now you have to pick them up at Sweetgreen's Logan Circle location. Each one has a three-day shelflife.

Sweetgreen 1471 P Street NW, Washington DC 20036 (map) 202-234-7336