Cocktailing On Kickstarter: The Mason Shaker


[Photographs: Eric Prum and Josh Williams]

I'm probably a little too into drinking things out of mason jars (and have stocked my kitchen with them, much to my roommates' amusement). Given my San Francisco-Brooklyn makeup, this is probably unsurprising. But it doesn't change the fact that the mason jar is a classic, good-looking piece of glassware.

So I was delighted when I learned that two good friends of mine had come up with an idea that directly translated the coolness of mason jars to a useful, cocktail-making concept: The Mason Shaker. Eric Prum and Josh Williams hail from Virginia and live in Brooklyn, and wanted to translate the back-porch-drinking experience of the mason jar to their serious appreciation for quality cocktails.

The two created a concept for a screw-on mason jar top that includes a cocktail strainer and top for shaking. This goes on a 32 ounce mason jar, filled with your cocktail ingredients of choice. I got to test one out a few weeks back, and found that, in addition to looking cool, the shaker seals very nicely (the top is made of good, sturdy stamped aluminum), and is easy to grip and pour.


My love of mason jars and these two guys aside, I think this is a product that has potential. It makes the home bar more approachable, and in a way, more fun. They're looking to raise funds on Kickstarter to help with the final steps in manufacturing their first run. Consider yourself warned: watching the product video will make you crave a cold cocktail, a porch, and a summer afternoon.*

A $30 contribution will pre-order you a mason shaker, and includes shipping.

*That song in the background is "Hold On" by the Alabama Shakes, potentially one of this year's best new bands.