We Try New International Delight Iced Coffee


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

I admit it; sometimes I'm too lazy to make iced coffee. I know cold brew is easy, I know the Japanese method is totally worth it, but I am still tempted to go the lazy route and pick up an icy cup on my way to work. And those storebought coffees aren't making me any richer.

If you order your iced coffee light and sweet, and you're a little on the lazy side, you should know about the new cartons of 'sweet and creamy' coffee from International Delight. It costs about $4 for a half gallon, and is made with coffee, skim milk, sugar, corn syrup, cream, and other stuff like cocoa, whey, carrageenan, and natural and artificial flavors. They have 76 mg of caffeine and and 150 calories per 8 ounce serving.

My sweet tooth came out when tasting the Mocha flavor. It reminded us of decent fast-food coffee, without any noticeable bitter, burned, or stale flavors—or else those are covered up with ample sweetness. This stuff tastes like melted ice cream, in a pretty appealing way. I'm not sure I could gulp down enough to get adequately caffeinated, but that's because of the sweetness, not from any odd flavors. Several folks at SEHQ went back for seconds of this stuff; it's not serious coffee, but it's a pretty nice afternoon treat.

The Vanilla flavor was much less appealing; it has that melted-scented-candle flavor, which completely covers up any coffee backbone behind it. Unless you're wild about vanilla-flavored coffee creamer, skip this one and go with the Mocha.