New Flavored Fizzy Waters from Spindrift Soda


[Photographs: Dave Katz]

As a member of the Soda Stream club, I pump multiple bottles of seltzer at home daily. Any other fizzy water fiends out there? Then you, too, will appreciate this new line of fruity flavored waters from Spindrift Sodas. We've already tried all six of their "anti-sodas": all of them just barely sweet with real fruity-pulpy bits floating around in the carbonated drinks, and no more than 70 calories per bottle.

Spindrift just released a new line waters, which come in three flavors: Lemon (zero calories), Raspberry-Lime and Tangerine (both 10 calories). It's carbonated water with just a splash of fruitiness, and none of that fakey aspartame aftertaste since all of the ingredients are natural.

Lemon: Brightly citric, without tasting like lemon dish soap. Very refreshing; tastes like you just squeezed a real lemon wedge into fizzy water, instead of some artificial lemon syrup, as is often the case with other lemon-flavored waters.

Raspberry-Lime: Raspberry puree with a deeply fruity, slightly tart berry flavor and fresh lime juice to cut it with some tanginess.

Tangerine: Very reminiscent of Orangina, but without the sweet soda aftertaste. Sparkling water with just enough fresh-squeezed juice to give it a mild tangerine-y essence.

Finally! Some flavored waters that actually taste like freshly picked-from-nature fruit. But because they're so fresh, the drinks can't be shipped with other sodas in warm crates packed into trucks. Spindrift founder Bill Creelman had to find distributors of fish, produce, and cheese willing to deliver his bottles with other perishable items, hence the limited distribution to markets. You can currently find Spindrift at select stores in Cape Cod, Nantucket, New York, Chicago, Boston, Charleston, Portland, Newport, Burlington, and around California. Or order them online.