How Do You Like Your Iced Coffee?


[Iced drinks photograph: nongpimmie on Shutterstock]

I don't drink iced coffee year round, but I eagerly anticipate the day when it's warm enough to order a chilly cup to go. Something about the cool temperature makes me feel more completely awake.

I've been thinking lately about iced-coffee methods, though, and about the beans one uses to brew their chilled cup. The trend these days is lighter-roast—coffee that keeps its tart berry characteristics and doesn't cover over freshness with dark flavors from the roasting process. On the other side, though, is stuff like Peet's Coffee's new Baridi Iced Coffee Blend, which is pretty bold and potent, with more than a hint of char. (If you like to doctor it up with cream and sugar, this might be a good sturdy starting point, but black, it's just a bit too aggressive for us.)

We're not certain we need specially-branded beans for iced coffee, but we like it somewhere in between: not fruity, and not super-dark either. In fact, I personally prefer a smooth, slightly chocolatey espresso poured over ice, and I'm not always happy with cold-brew.

Tell us: do you lean toward light roast or dark for iced coffee? Got a favorite method for brewing it?

About the Author: Maggie Hoffman is the editor of Serious Eats: Drinks. You can follow her on Twitter @maggiejane.