25 DIY Cocktail Projects for Stocking Up Your Home Bar

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All the recipes you need for cocktails, juice blends, milkshakes and more.

[Photographs: Marcia Simmons, Liam Boylan, and Jackson Stakeman ]

If you're a tinkerer or a do-it-yourself-er, the cocktails you make at home just might be better—and more perfectly customized to your taste—than any you can get at a fancy bar. Whether it's infusing your own vodka or crafting the ideal elderflower cordial, you can tap into your creativity to make better cocktail components, made with all-natural ingredients, for cheaper than you'd buy at a liquor store.

Here are 25 great projects for stocking up your home bar, with recipes and tips for how to use the finished product from our DIY vs Buy columnist Marcia Simmons.

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Allspice Dram »
Orange Bitters »
Fresh sour mix »
Ginger liqueur »
Homemade Grenadine »
DIY Pimm's »
Elderflower cordial »
Triple Sec »
Pear liqueur »
DIY Falernum »
Coconut rum »
Chocolate liqueur »
Rhubarb bitters »
Coffee liqueur »
Homemade amaro »
Limoncello »
Homemade Tonic Water »
Celery bitters »
Infused spirits »
Creme de menthe »
Irish cream »
Amaretto »
Spiced rum »
Raspberry liqueur »
Orgeat »