Soda: Saranac's Shirley Temple Soda


[Photo: John M. Edwards]

What was your preferred method of Shirley Temple–making when you were a kid? My recipe: 9 parts grenadine to 1 part Sprite, with a cherry. Why? Because I wanted the sweetest, cherriest thing I could possibly guzzle down. Having consumed more than my fair share of them as a child—I was the kind of kid who'd want cherry Coke without the Coke—I was happy to see Saranac, a New York brewery I like, marketing a Shirley Temple soda.

Drinking one does something like this to you:

Sip #1: "Wow, that's the most cherry-flavored thing I've ever tasted."

Sip #2: "Basically pure grenadine."

Sip #3: "Yeah, I don't actually want to be drinking grenadine."

It's easily one of the sweetest things I've ever tasted. Each sip reminded me of drinking the juice from a can of maraschino cherries. I could imagine making this myself with 9 parts grenadine to 1 part soda water. There was so much sugar, I started to feel a sort of a rush, despite the beverage having no caffeine.

While it's not a bad soda if pure cherry is your thing, it's certainly unbalanced. I don't think I could drink more than one. Nor should any child under the age of 17 imbibe one, unless the goal is to keep him or her bouncing off the walls for 36 hours. Take my advice, skip this one.