Our New Favorite Way to Drink Coffee: OMilk's Cold-Brew with Almond Milk


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

As a coffee drinker who always says yes to a splash of milk and skips the sugar, I want that milk to be good milk. None of that watered-down sad milkā€”the whole stuff please, or more often lately, soy and nut milks. The alterna-milks add a rich, creamy body with a flavorful enhancement that's not at all sugar-sweet, but nutty and smooth.

My favorite way to drink coffee lately has been OMilk's Cold-Brew Coffee with Almond Milk. Based in Brooklyn, Julie and Greg Van Ullen are "partners in nut milk and in life." They started OMilk last year, and can be found selling their vegan almond and cashew milks at Dean and DeLuca (the SoHo and Madison Avenue locations) and will also make special deliveries around the city.

Their latest flavor: coffee milk (only available via delivery for now). It starts with a super-strong batch of cold brew extract, then a pour of their fresh almond milk and a touch of raw agave nectar swirled in. It's one part coffee to three parts milk, so it's strong enough to drink on its own though you could always up the caffeine factor by pouring it over a fresh-brewed cup (yes, coffee on coffee).

"Coffee is a very personal thing; everyone takes theirs differently," said Greg, who doesn't like his too sweet, so he erred on the side of un-sweet for this. And we're glad he did. There's a pleasant almondy finish on the coffee milk; it tastes like a treat but in a virtuous good nut-fats sort of way, still in the could-drink-this-everyday realm of coffee.