We Try the New Cherry Berry Chiller at McDonald's

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You know how when you're having a bad day, you're likely to hate whatever you come across? A wrong-way-over-the-bridge day, can't-believe-this-traffic day? When you're in that sort of mood, you're not exactly predisposed to love whatever's handed to you at the rest stop McDonald's. But the Cherry Berry Chiller I had this weekend was surprisingly good.

When you walk into McD's, you know you're they're not tossing fresh cherries and berries in a blender for you. (Sure enough, the ingredient list starts with "water, apple juice concentrate, and grape juice concentrate" and finishes with "citric acid and xanthan gum." Yeah, cherries and berries are in there somewhere. But I'd expected something way too sweet with a syrupy, sticky texture, and that wasn't it at all.

The new McCafé Cherry Berry Chiller is least as tart as it is sweet. There was something refreshing about it. It reminded me of a tart Slush Puppy or Icee—classic examples of tiny ice crystals with flavoring. But this was actually less overwhelmingly sweet than either of those. I could actually taste citrus, cherry, and raspberry, even if they were only in fruit concentrate form.

If you're looking for a fruit smoothie, you might be disappointed by the consistency of the Cherry Berry Chiller, but if you're stuck at a rest stop waiting out the traffic, this new drink is totally refreshing.