8 Memorable Sips from FredFest 2012 in Portland, OR

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[Photographs: Adam Lindsley]

The longtime beer aficionado should have no trouble recognizing the name Fred Eckhardt. This is the man who, in 1969, wrote a book on homebrewing lagers, nearly a decade before excise-tax-free homebrewing became legal for the first time since Prohibition. Eckhardt went on to write the seminal tome for budding homebrewers, The Essentials of Beer Style, in 1989, earning his well-deserved reputation as one of the world's premier beer historians.

Who better to celebrate with a huge selection of rare brews?

The first FredFest was held in Portland in 2006 in honor of Eckhardt's 80th birthday, and it's been an annual tradition ever since. A portion of the proceeds from every FredFest goes to a charity of Eckhardt's choice, with Habitat for Humanity (Portland/Metro East) chosen as 2012's recipient. This year, 22 breweries, most of them local, contributed hard-to-find and one-off brews for the event at Hair of the Dog Brewing. Check out the slideshow to see 8 of the most memorable sips at FredFest 2012.