Drinking in Season: Strawberry Rhubarb Fields

Drinking in Season

Putting the season’s perfect produce into your cocktail shaker.


[Photo: Kelly Carámbula]

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I have a rule when it comes to strawberries—I wait to buy them until they make their way to the farmers' market. Nothing compares to that first day when you see them, or more accurately, smell them. But the other day when I was in my local grocery, I smelled that scent of real, ripe, flavorful berries, then examined the berries to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I broke my rule. I just couldn't resist them. I immediately ate one as soon as I left, hoping that my nose didn't deceive me—the berry was flavorful. Of course I started plotting out what to do with my preseason score.

I landed on this drink, inspired by a cocktail called Strawberry Fields by Bryan Caswell of Reef in Houston. Since I had a pile of rhubarb on my counter, I thought the addition of those bright red stalks, and their tart flavor, would be an interesting sweet-tart twist on Caswell's recipe.

Caswell uses tarragon to give the drink a little unexpected herbal undertone that contrasts the bright flavors of the fruit. These flavors, paired with tequila, a little lemon juice and simple syrup, create a juicy but balanced bright red cocktail that just screams warm weather and tastes like it should be enjoyed outdoors too.

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