Coffee-Flavored Coconut Water Is So Hot Right Now


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

We get a lot of wacky things sent to us as Serious Eats HQ, but within the same week, two new coffee-flavored coconut waters arrived on my desk. Two's a trend? Maybe it shouldn't be, but there's one winner so far in this burgeoning category.

There's something bizarre about a nearly-clear—and very sweet—coffee flavored beverage. CocoZone Coconut Water With Espresso is a little viscous in the way that coconut water always is, and the coffee addition doesn't cut the sweetness much. If you like your coffee with loads of sugar, this might work for you, but we found the combination of coconut and coffee flavors a little disjointed, and the sugar addition too excessive for this drink to provide any bracing refreshment.

On the other hand, we kind of like Coco Cafe, a "Coconut Water Cafe Latte" product that was recently acquired by the people behind Vita Coco. It's candy-bar sweet (a little like a Milky Way) but the addition of lowfat milk (and carrageenan) gives it a richer texture and flavor. The coconut water is barely detectable, and that's ok—this stuff would have held its own in our bottled ready-to-drink coffee taste test. There's no bitterness or weird off flavors, and it's nice over ice.

Have you tried these (or any other) coffee flavored coconut waters? What do you think?