What Would You Ask A Bartender?

Ask a Bartender

You ask, they answer.

Jarred Roth (left) and David Flaherty (right) of Hearth in NYC. We bet they have stories to tell.

On Serious Drinks, we love chatting with the people who shake your cocktails and pour your pints. You all know and love Michael Neff, our Behind the Bar columnist, and the stories he tells every week. But now, we're going to chat with a whole lot more bartenders about their tales from the front lines, their horror stories, and their dirt on what really goes on from their side of the bar.

I can think of a few questions I'd have for 'em... "Tell us about a time you kicked someone out of a bar." "What's the worst date you ever witnessed?" "What's your shot of choice behind the bar?"

But we're curious what you'd ask a bartender. Let us know in the comments—and we'll get the stories coming!