What Discontinued Soda Do You Miss?


I probably shouldn't admit online how much I loved Enviga. Particularly given its marketing slogan as a calorie burner (a claim I will neither pretend to enforce nor refute). But for a number of months four or five years ago, I couldn't get enough.

Maybe it was the caffeine burst that a Diet Coke just never quite delivered (particularly as I stayed up nights in a row writing my thesis). Maybe it was the almost acerbic bite of the sharp green tea, tempered by peach or berry flavor. It was invigorating in a way I never found any other soda, while nowhere near as harsh as a Red Bull. A Snapple tea taken to another level. I loved it.

So when it disappeared from my CVS shelves, I checked again and again. I hitched a ride to the nearest Wegmans and nope—not there, either. A search online revealed what I'd feared but hadn't dared to imagine: Enviga was nowhere to be found.

The extent to which I missed it was completely irrational. It was a soda! A caffeinated vaguely tea-flavored soda that was nothing more or less than a chemicaled-up green tea. But once you develop a habit—no matter how specific or obscure—it's really hard to kick. I went through a similar almost-mourning period after my local convience store stopped selling Lemon Coke Zero. Never knew I needed it until I couldn't have it anymore.

They seem like trivial longings in the grand scheme of things, but I can attest that a lost soda love is a hard one to forget. Are there any discontinued sodas that you still miss?