How Do You Organize Your Home Bar?


[Photograph: Chris Corwin on Flickr]

For some of us, the 'home bar' is a corner of the counter where there's half of a bottle of rum and a handle of gin that someone brought over during a party. But for others, collecting spirits is a hobby and a way to explore the world sip by sip. Whether you are the kind of host who can stir up a whole menu of cocktails or the type who might be able to offer guests a gin and tonic, we've been wondering how you organize your bottles.

Do you keep vodka in the freezer? Do you have an area in your cabinet for bourbon, rye, and Scotch? Do you keep amari bottles on the mantle for visitors to admire? Do you stuff bottles into a shelf willy-nilly, or is it sorted in some way? Is there an organizational system to your wine rack so you know how many whites and reds you have on hand?

We know some of you have quite a collection of booze—where do you keep it? How do you keep track of what you have?