Hangover Helper: Egg Zeppelin at Fried Egg I'm in Love in Portland, OR

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.


[Photographs: Adam Lindsley]

1970s rock gods Jimmy Page and Robert Plant embodied one characteristic above all else: excess. And the aptly named Egg Zeppelin ($8) at the Fried Egg I'm in Love (sensing a pattern here?) food cart on SE Hawthorne in Portland mirrors its namesake's penchant for overkill with a fat, salty, spicy stack of eggs, sausage, cheese, and hot sauce designed to transform your groans of agony into sighs of delight.

This protein bomb starts with toasted Portland French Bakery sourdough and piles on cheddar cheese, two hand-pressed sausage patties, and two fried eggs (mine were cooked over hard by default, but I would recommend asking for over easy to enjoy the sensuous marriage of spilled yolk with porky sausage). Spread in the center of the sandwich, an aioli made with glorious Aardvark sauce cuts through the richness of the meat and eggs with a mild burn on your tongue. Hiding beneath this monster is a comparatively scrawny slice of apple, a laudable attempt to get some semblance of plant matter into your breakfast; feel free to ignore it until you've obliterated every last bite of the main event.


Founded by bandmates Jace Krause and Ryan Lynch, Fried Egg I'm in Love serves up a number of other hearty but simple breakfast sandwiches with similarly tongue-in-cheek names like the O.K. Commuter (egg with bacon and cheddar), the Smells Like Protein Spirit (ham, steak, bacon, or sausage and egg), and the Huevo Mutilation (seared ham steak, sauteed onion, cheddar, and Aardvark aioli). But the real hangover helper (that is, the one with the maximum amount of grease for your body to absorb) is the Egg Zeppelin. You'll almost forgive yourself for your lack of self-control the night before, if only for the excuse to stumble down to Fried Egg I'm in Love and wrap your hands around this warm pile of carbs and meat.

Fried Egg I'm in Love

3217 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214 (map)